The way I feel

Waking up today and feeling so loved,

That all things are working for my favour,

Not that i have seen everything so clear as it is,

but because i beleive that nothing works against a child of God.

Romans 8:28; All things works for good to them that Love God and

to them who are called to his glory.


Live is really beautiful.


Nothing was expected

He just loved

It was for who He is

and also for who I am

It was Genuine and true

Because it was unconditional

HE love me

I need not ask why

Because It was for nothing

But for who He is

Grace and mercy all for free

there are because of love

when i saw my helplessness child

and my love for him

then i fully realise

what i it means that He love me

Nothing could be better

nothing could be more

but the love of the father

expressed to the helpless son

Just for no reason but to love

His gain and life is in loving

For his nature that is

(C) pdn 2016

My Lord, He is God

At times like other sometimes

When I expected help and found none

When the depth seemed so deep

And the height so high


At moments like other moments

When I just feel alone and lonely

What shall I say but sigh?

But from my inner self I think


Though the figs bear not fruit

And the olive and grapes fails

The sheep pen becomes empty

And no cattle in stall


Yet I will rejoice in the Lord

He gives me strength and hope

Makes my feet strong

And enables me to tread on the heights

The Lord is God forever

Pdn ©2016

(Another encounter)

  1. It’s another moment, it’s another season,

Another encounter with the Lord,

It’s a day of the spirit, a time for renewal

Lord we pray, for another encounter

This’s our prayer oh Lord


  1. We have seen your glory, we have heard of your power,

We have felt your mighty works in our midst,

You are the same, Lord forever,

But we need you a new

Lord we pray, for another encounter

This’s our prayer oh Lord


  1. A new anointing, for a new day

Oh Lord let it rain

A fresh encounter, for a brand new moment

Lord we pray, for another encounter

This’s our prayer oh Lord



Let it rain on us (2x)

Oh Lord let it rain,

Lord we pray, for another encounter

This’s our prayer oh Lord

My Mum’s Story

When my mama said to me

Son, Your Dad was right;

Life never remains the same as time passes

Hold on and you will know it’s true

Look back to how we were,

See the place we are coming from

I wish you wonder how we got here

Can you confess to that truth?

When you hold her hands like he did

I wonder if she feels like I felt that day

Beauty fades as time passes,

What is hidden finally comes to light

She might not love you like I did

And you not might feel how he felt

But if you can hold on long enough

The beauty of the heart

will come to light one day.

Working on my book, The Power Within.

There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to be anything he really wants to be in life. This is an infinite power, created by the creator for the fulfillment of his creation purpose.

The aim of this book is to bring to our consciousness and to remind us that within us is the power we need for the fulfillment of our dreams and the maximization of our full potential.

This book tends to reveal to us the several factors which have blurred our views of this power and its full utilization in our live. Over time we have believed certain myth about ourselves, we have accepted certain limitations about ourselves and confined our lives to mediocrity of certain levels.

Some of us are confined by  view of situations and circumstances we find around us and we tend to belief that what we see now is all there is to who we are; Some of us are limited by our environment, because we are from a particular environment, we tend to believe that we cannot grow more than a certain level in life; some of us are limited by what we are told by our parents while we were growing up, and we tend to believe those statements; some people are limited by different factors which I might not be able to mention, but whatsoever it is that has held you down for this while, I want to tell you that you are more than what you are seeing now; greater is he that is in you…